hc de que kenma se tiñó de rubio para parecerse a susana gimenez #bye

*se atraganta* oH DIOS pero qué—- xDDDDDDDDD HFDHHSHDH 

y todo porque quería a Kuroo y al resto de Nekoma como Susanos mientras atendía el cel #bye2

You're awesome and an amazing person!

Thank you kind bot! ♥

hi!!!! wondering if you still take gaia commissions * u *

Hello! Not anymore, sorry

how did you become so good at art? please share with us your journey to art improvement :)

Thank you very much for the compliment. 

I think improvement is always proportional to practice, dedication and the ability to move out of your comfort zone. That’s why my improvement is and always was so damn slow hah;;;

I only started feeling some kind of improvement after getting my first job as a jr. artist, which was on the same year I started studying an artistic career too. Both my job and my studies helped me a lot to move out of my comfort zone and to try different things that I’d never would have given a chance otherwise, and also to practice every day. Working with more experienced artists helped me a lot in terms of technique and small tricks in digital art. After that moment I started taking art more seriously and I even got more enthusiastic about learning.

I still try to keep practicing different things whenever I can, but I’ve been really bad at managing my own time lately and being my own boss isn’t helping either hehe ;;; Uuu

Firstly, I really admire all of your works and hope to one day be able to become as good as you are. As an artist, I have a lot of difficulty with drawing cute simple backgrounds and I even have CS5 to help simplify that background making process but I am still am not familiar with it. I love your Tips for Thin Lineart tutorial and I was wondering if you have any tips for backgrounds in CS5?

Thank you very much! 

I have a lot of difficulty with backgrounds too, even with the simple ones x_x. But if I had to give any tips, I’d say:

1. If you use Photoshop, then custom shapes, brushes, textures, fonts, etc are your best friends. You can find a lot of these materials on DA, pixiv and free resource websites. Just make sure to read and respect the terms of use of use of each one. 

2. Composition is important and it helps you save a lot of time. You don’t have to be an expert, but try to find and read a few tutorials with the basics at least.

and 3. Don’t settle for the first good result. Many options can work on every picture, but each of them will give a different mood to your drawing at the end (personally this is the stage where I usually get stuck the longest OTL)